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BPM HOA Management, formerly BPM Condominium Management was established in 2006 as a division of Bowen Property Management Company. The division was established primarily to focus on the management of Home Owners Associations of Condominiums and Planned Communities in Portland and surrounding areas.  Over the next several years, the core staff of John Ballas, Susan West and Mara Davis built the division from managing a single HOA of less than 100 units to managing 23 associations totaling over 2,500 units.

In January 2010, the original core staff of John Ballas, Susan West and Mara Davis formed a partnership and acquired BPM Condominium Management from BPMC.  Ballas and Partners Management LLC then changed the name of the company to BPM HOA Management and will continue operating in its current location.


Association management is a relationship of homeowners, board members and the management company working in harmony to provide a quality living environment.
It is the management company’s responsibility to assist the board of directors in accomplishing its desired goals and objectives by providing competent, responsive professional management services.